Sunday, August 26, 2007

Give me the Schottenpreis

I never thought that I would be saying this, but Germans are really funny.

In Germany, everything from mobile phones and internet services to cars, videos and even condoms are marketed as Schottenpreis to emphasise their rock-bottom cheapness.

Even international companies have got in on the act, with Greek-based Superfast Ferries, the operators of the Rosyth-Zeebrugge service, offering Germans trips to Scotland at Schottenpreis.

The VisitScotland web page of special offers boasts: "Nach Schottland zum Schottenpreis" (Travel to Scotland for a Scotsman’s price).

The SNP Members of the Scottish Executive are getting angry "These adverts are crass, they are outdated and they are offensive to Scots and are an outdated and misleading cliché.."

What do we expect after all those years of ridiculing Germans as humourless square heads.

The image of the thrifty Scot began in the 15th century, when large numbers of Scots left for the cities of the Baltic, which at that time were mainly inhabited by Germans.

Large numbers became pedlars, selling very cheap household products, such as pots and pans. And the expression Schottenwaren (Scottish wares) emerged to describe the ultra-cheap items which they sold.

But the jokes are good.

The Germans have a great sense of humour; the problem is they reserve it for the Scots, as these examples show.

Scots traditionally marry on February 29, goes the joke, so that they only need to celebrate their anniversary once every four years.

How can you tell that the trawler coming to the harbour is from Scotland? There are no seagulls in its wake.

"I’ve received some photos from my Scottish pen pal?" "What do they look like?" "Don’t know. Have to get them developed first."

Two Scots fall down a crevasse while in the mountains. The mountain watch is alerted, and the rescue team appears. "Hello, we’re from the Red Cross," one rescuer says. The reply comes from below, "You’re getting no donations from us."

Very funny. Now where were those Kraut jokes again?

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice post, CC. Yes, after all the jokes Brits have made about the Germans, what do we expect?

The GreaterSpeyside team: said...
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Sean Jeating said...

Your post made me smile. Thanks.
Indeed, in intervals there are nice Schottenwitze circulating; jokes in which the “typical” Scotsman is the protagonist; or rather the hero. I did never understand these jokes as nasty against the Scottish people.
And, of course there are some German “tribes”: The Bavarians would preferable tell jokes on the Prussians and vice versa.
Well, and not to forget about East-Friesland. The Ostfriesen (East-Friesians) for many Germans are what the Kerryman is for the Irish.
Just one example, promised.
- Why would the roads in East-Friesians have ditches on both sides?
- So that Ostfriesen may be able to let their arms swing.
- And why are the ditches deeper on the right side?
- ‘cause they would never walk without carrying a club in their right hand.

Wishing a cheerful weekend.