Sunday, August 05, 2007

Random thoughts from North Africa

Snickers is a food group. Yes I do indeed consider Snickers a food group in the two to three days that follow a migraine. I have been diligent all my life about eating healthy and exercising. It has paid off with general good health, a kick ass attitude, and the continuing flirtations of handsome men, however I have a deal with my best friend Cathy who is also diligent about diet and exercise: when we are ninety we are going to eat (without restraint) croissants, cheeses, chocolate, and drink champagne, all from a comfy divan. There will be no activity that involves sweat, unless it is sex with an unfamiliar man.

Fear is a scary thing isn't it. I am convinced fear is at the base of all evil acts - fear of failure, fear of not being loved, of being left alone, of being less, of embarrassment, of loss of power, and on and on. It is the root of what stops you from doing anything. That fear of failure is a big one isn't it? It can keep you from even starting something.

The children of Morocco are so beautiful. Moroccans are a handsome people, and they appear to adore their children. Except the street children, of those they are as judgmental as the puritans of the West saying that the children are on the streets because they want to be there. The youngsters that play on our street light it up with their smiles and laughter. I love the sound of them in the street below when I am working in my room. I think we have just about convinced them this is not a candy store. Pam when she was here bribed both the children and apparently the housekeeper with candy. It has taken some time to stop the constant knocking and questions of "Bon Bon?" at the door.

The sky here is endless, and a shade of blue you can see right through. There is a weirdly shaped tree just to front of our terrace. The trunk begins like a normal tree then there is the usual spread of branches and some sort of fern like leaf cover, then - a stick straight up for about six feet. There is an entire village of birds that call it home and fly in and out of there daily to nest and feed. It is so strange looking, like some modern art sculpture.

The only reasons curbs exist on the streets and sidewalks of Morocco is so the cars have something to hook onto when they park on the sidewalks!

Better than Dunkin Doughnuts, better than Krispy Kreme are the Moroccan sfing. They are beyond delicious, always hot, always fresh, and cost one dirham apiece. Morocco also has the best French fries in the world without doubt!

A few days ago three of the boys from the street knocked on the door, grins ear to ear. In Darigia: "We are collecting money for a football."
Me: "You pirates! You have a football. You are outside my door kicking it every day!"

The grins get wider.

They had put a blue velvet drape with some sort of crest on it over the empty box. That sort of initiative deserves a reward. We dug into our change and gave them money. I hang my head as it is my firm policy NOT to give the children candy or money, but if you had seen them you would have given them money too!


Lady Macleod


Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

Firm policy, Lady M? I think you're a softy deep down.

jmb said...

Philosophy in the middle of everything. But I am so in agreement with that. Fear has so often governed my life, although I really haven't had anything concrete to fear through the years.
Good post as usual Lady Mac.

lady macleod said...

shhhhh! Do not tell anyone! You will ruin my reputation as a ruthless hardass! One I might say with pride, I have passed on to Q.

thank you for the comment, but really shhhhh!

lady macleod said...


I should hope we all have philosophy "in the middle of everything", tee hee. Fear is a real bugger, there doesn't HAVE TO BE anything "real" does there? If it is "real" to you, then it is "real". Now we can have a REAL discussion about what constitutes reality! There's a post for you.

thank you for your comments.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great post, Lady M. I like your plans for old age! You describe the children so vividly - even I might have softened towards them!

Anonymous said...

I am a strange man Lady M. could I fit in your plans for retirement?

lady macleod said...


you are welcome to join us! grab your divan and come on over, or perhaps we shall rotate continents..

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I'm thinking... I'm thinking... I'm smiling... I'm thinking...

thank you for coming by.