Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 2 on the radio...

I'm sitting here at the computer, doing some audio editing, whilst listening to the silky smooth sounds of Morley FM. That is a phrase I jokingly used during our midnight switch-on 48 hours ago whilst the others were out in their cars and it seems to have stuck, especially when our very own "Handy Andy", Jon says it, as it is true. He is on right now, with some entertainer bloke that he met today for the first time & they are doing a cracking show to rival anything on commercial radio. Jon is a PCSO (A "Blunkett's Bobby") and being able to communicate well with people is a key part of the job, although being a slick radio presenter is an unexpected asset.

I can recommend the Morley FM diet- simply organise a radio station from scratch with a constantly changing selection of already busy people, then find yourself on voluntary call for every hiccup, along with an addiction to hear that the transmitter is on, the levels are right and the content is to a high standard.

What a remarkable variety of programmes we have transmitted in 36 hours- from the opening hour (which I had the great pleasure of hosting) through local rock bands, guest presenters, out & about vox pops, talking books, local issue chat & punky stuff. Of particular interest is tomorrow's "Punkumentary" at 5pm by Joey, one of our alternative presenters.

We also played a sneak preview of a 30 minute programme put together by members of the Priestley Society challenging the BBC about their choice of greatest living englishman. The quality of the voices is a bit ropey (one celebrated scientist used a cassette recorder with built in microphone so that needed a lot of work in Cool Edit Pro to lick it into shape) but the content is excellent and could easily form the basis of a professional broadcast.

I've spent the last week interviewing some school Heads about their life and music for a feature called "Six of the best" & that has been a fascinating experience, particularly visiting Head Teacher's offices (without a feeling of dread associated with the experience some 30 years ago!)

More on the Community Radio experience over the next week (although with the buzz from this event there is the risk I won't shut up about it for months!)

The logger bounced a couple of times again today. We now have a VHS recorder on standby (it will capture 6 hours on long play using a 3 hour tape) & I've checked all of the boards are reseated. It might be thermal related, Studo One should be called Sauna One and both times it has happened in the early afternoon.

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