Friday, July 01, 2005

More radio days...

Morley FM is well and truly on the air, with a grand opening of the Mayor cutting a blue ribbon, an inaugural "this is Morley FM" broadcast (hosted by Myself) & a selection of other presenters doing their thing.

We have reports of a listenable signal 17 miles away, but an unlistenable signal two miles away in a dip.

The star of the show has been Danny Mylo, who was found driving past our door with a loudhailer and fuzzlight. (When I say driving, I mean his Dad, he's only 14!)

It wasn't totally plain sailing however, when presenting we noticed that our output logger decided to reboot, it obviously didn't like our output! It is now on a UPS with another base unit standing by. We have to maintain a logging system by law, with a data retention of 42 days (to give someone a chance to complain).

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