Monday, February 28, 2005

Waterless urinals....

I regularly visit a building that has recently converted the Gents' urinals to be "waterless", i.e. it no longer needs to be flushed with clean water at regular intervals from a self-cycling tank. Indeed, there is a notice warning users not to pour water down them under any circumstances. Fortunately, a weak urea solution with assorted minor chemical traces appears to be permissable!

Whilst this is good for water consumption, there is a downside. A quick study on the topic of waterless urinals (via 'tinternet) reveals that conversions are not always problem free.

Indeed, this particular convenience is developing an odour problem, or as one user put it, "it stinks of stale piss in here".

Urine can acquire a particularly pungent odour in the right conditions. To demonstrate this, carry out the following:

1) Fill a large vessel with fresh urine at body temperature and seal, but not too tightly. Ensure the vessel is of adequate capacity!
2) Allow the contents to stand for approximately 12 hours, whilst retaining most of the latent heat. Selection of a storage vessel utilising vacuum insulation technology manufactured by the Thermos Corporation is particularly suitable.
3) Place the vessel horizontally on the front seat of a Company motor vehicle and leave parked in the sun for a further 8-9 hours.
4) return to the vehicle to experience the joy of fermented urine in full-on fish-o-rama.
5) Waste money on ineffective valeting and air fresheners. Throw away the Thermos. Allow the Company to sell the car internally to someone you don't like very much.

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