Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Compare and contrast...

Compare this:

The specific aim of Directive 97/13/EC is to ensure that Member States use fair and transparent procedures for issuing licences which allow licensees to provide telecommunications services or networks.

to this:

Licence Fees

Current network licences are charged on an annual basis according to the following algorithm:

where "n" means the number of Earth Station terminals (subject to a minimum of 50 terminals per licence) licensed in the network;

"bWn" means the Network Transmit assigned bandwidth (in MHz);

"MODn" means Modifier Value of 0.5; and

"Pn" means Transmit Peak power (in Watts) appearing at the flange of the network terminal antennas.

I showed it to an accountant who didn't have a clue how to resolve it....

Thank you the Radio Authority, now Ofcom

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