Saturday, February 05, 2005

Morley Entertainment

Morley doesn't have a Theatre or a Cinema. Not strictly true, as it has both, it is just that the buildings serve other purposes. The New Pavilion Theatre has become Puccinos (via a Cinema, Bingo & Davy Ravy Gravy venue) whilst the other picture house became a Fine Fare and part of it is ironically now a Blockbuster Video.

What it does have is the Alexandra Hall which is a splendid victorian room in the Town Hall complete with wrap-around balcony. What it doesn't have, however, is a proper stage- only a platform. It is wonderful for Brass Band Concerts but not too hot for shows. There are hardly any stage lights and the chandeliers have got those horrible energy lamps in them so they can only switch on or off.

To get round this, the local societies bring in a fit-up stage which whilst making the shows more theatrical doesn't get round the basic problem of no wing space, no storage space, no scenery space and convoluted entrances for the performers.

The hall is well used, although the most common performance involves beds and needles instead of rows of seats. I don't mean it is a hothouse of sex & drugs & rock & roll, it is a regular blood donor centre. At least you get a biscuit...

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