Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Town Planning

I'm on the Planning Committee on Morley Town Council. It is seen as a bit of a short straw, because it meets every two weeks, come rain or shine. (Well, to be more accurate, it meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, so we get a week off four times a year).

I don't mind planning, as I enjoy looking at architects drawings and visualising what it actually means. Fortunately, our Chairman is very thorough in keeping track of the mountains of paperwork that turn up.

The planning authority is Leeds City Council, however Parish Councils are statutary consultees so Leeds have to take our views into account before they choose to ignore us.

The Planning process works something like this.

Developers put in big schemes to build housing.
Planners complain about it.
Developers tweak schemes.
Planners still complain about it.
Repeat the above for a while.
Develops engage good lawyers.
Local authority caves in, houses get built.

Simple, eh?

Next time, the joy of conservatories.

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