Saturday, November 20, 2004

Let there be light....

Well, Morley is now all lit up curtesy of the Town Mayor, special guest Suzanne Light, a Rhino, a Crocodile, Father Christmas, two Radio Leeds presenters and surprise celeb Peter Ash who is off Footballer's wives (apparently).

It snowed specially for the ceremony and young David enjoyed being a bit of a stage door johnny, being on the stage but not having to perform.

Afterwards the Morley Lions fed & watered those of us lucky enough to get backstage and after it was all over, we wandered back round the front of the Town Hall to see the crew packing away the equipment. The snow had gone but the roads remained wet which reflected the lights rather tastefully for one or two atmospheric shots.

The usual disappointment, however, were the two Christmas trees flanking the steps- impressively big but not a bauble in sight this year.

Posing for the Press

Queen Street

A very sad Xmas tree

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