Monday, November 15, 2004

Christmas lights switch-on

Morley normally gets a minor celebrity to turn on the Christmas lights, in previous years it has been Emmerdale or Corry stars (lesser ones, not the major characters). There was a bit of a muddle last year when local comedian Billy Pierce was available but not asked- it seemed his website showed him as busy. We did see him turn on the Batley lights a year or two ago- after they came on the visual impact in the town square was so underwhelming that he was heard to say "did it not work?" after he pulled the handle!

There is no mistaking the Morley lights, as they are strung across the street and continue down the lamp-posts all the way down to Morley Bottoms this year, although it is a little barren in front of the Town Hall as the two large Christmas trees aren't specifically lit and the decorations don't start until well above reaching height owing to the local scratters.

We have a "celebrity with a difference" this year, a local girl who has been fighting a life threatening illness. The story can be found here at, although it may no longer be there if you are reading this at a later date.

It is a nice thought and will be a brilliant night for the aptly named young Susannah Light but there was talk of getting the Chuckle Brothers in the papers previously and whispers of not having a very big budget so I suspect it is a fallback arrangement. My 7 year old is disappointed that he won't be meeting the Chuckle Brothers and the presence of Crocodiles and Rhinos won't cut much ice with a Disney veteran. Still, as long as there are biscuits, he'll cope. To me, to you....

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