Saturday, February 24, 2007

More theatre...

Our Wakefield Theatres guide showed up today.

More shows from the excellent Wakefield Musical Youth Theatre coming up- A Chorus Line in April and High School Musical in September. David is really looking forward to the latter, he has the Disney DVD.

We also received the We Love Theatre newsletter. In it is the quote of the season:

"we are going to be spending the next 7 or so hours together"

Ken Dodd.

I've yet to see him but apparently it is a comedy marathon. It could have sold out twice when he came and he isn't getting any younger so maybe we will keep an ear out for when he is next in the area.


Ellee said...

You should support live theatre as much as possible, so many of theatrical companies struggle to survive.

Ian Grey said...

Ellee, I disagree. People should choose whether to support Theatre according to their own decision, not because you happen to think they should.

Personally, I am not going to go and see something that I have no interest in which includes opera and large swathes of the classics. (I once went to see The Cherry Orchard at the National & it put me off Chekov and most other straight works for about ten years...)

The public sector already pays far too much to prop up the arts anyway and it is not the role of government to subsidise culture.