Monday, February 26, 2007

Funiculeee, Fuculaaa...

This is the pier at Saltburn by the sea.

When I was young, we sometimes used to take a trip to Saltburn which is south of Redcar, Cleveland's seaside. The North East has beautiful beaches even if the North Sea is generally freezing! No trip was complete without a ride on the cliff top railway, otherwise known as the funicular.

I went there with David last Summer so that he could enjoy it, riding up, walking down.

One thing I used to be fascinated by was a joke sign about how the thing worked. Blow me down with a feather, it was still there!


Lee said...

I reckon Zorba the Greek would have preferred that far better than the contraption he set up to transfer his timber logs down the mountain! ;)

Liz said...

Great photos. Husband spent all his childhood hols in Skegness (it's so bracing) and insisted on us going there - for old times' sake. Hideous place. But there are lots of places further north on the coast that I would like to visit.

Ian said...

Liz, Whitley Bay is also a shadow of the boyhood memories. The Spanish City is all but gone- only the main Pavilion and Empress Ballroom remain (The Pavilion is derelict, the ballroom on Bingo).

I used to have a parody poster about Skeggy. It featured the Viz version of the jolly fisherman and the strapline was:

"Skegness- is F*cking Sh*t"

I gave it some one of my staff and they put it up in the Comms Room. It wasn't obvious unless you sat down at the system terminal.