Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly...

Thursday night, Morley lights were switched on. I was surprised to be interviewed as part of the proceedings, although it was mainly to fill in due to the lateness of some Panto performers. Morley FM's Charlie Keith was Compere, referred to as "Charlie Chuckles from Chorley FM" by Guy from Real Radio!

Friday, we went to see Annie at the Grand. A good show, a bit of a "chick flick" judging by the audience make up, but not one to be talked about for months afterwards, unlike Saturday, when we saw "Little Britain Live" at Manchester Apollo. There were a lot of children there, somewhat inappropriate considering how rude it was.


happysaks said...

Missed the switch on as I was working in Market which was open which I doubt got a mention by "Charlie Chuckles". I doubt Guy Harris didn't know what to do in the presence of such a heavyweight.
I've just bought the Morley rag and noticed the headline, "Police Target Drunken Yobs" which, until you read the story looks like "Drunken Yobs" are the lighting up posse.
I think it would make a great caption competition. I'll start it off.
John Middleton- Will you get your bloody hand off the button, Grayshon. I't me and that guy in the Santa suit that's doing it.
Guy Harris- Hey, look I've got Johnny Rotten just to my right.

Ian Grey said...

Charlie Chuckles gave the Market lots of mentions, traders will be pleased to hear.