Friday, May 05, 2006

Election shock...

Morley South now has a BNP Councillor, The Morley Borough Independent Candidate coming second and Labour third.

This is somewhat of a stunning result and I'm sure Chris Beverley is delighted, especially as there are allowances, unlike Morley Town Council. I'm not happy with the outcome but I don't begrudge Chris winning, he persuaded the most people to put an X next to his name, his share of the vote was almost a third. (Or maybe it was the Labour Party who secured it for him, they haven't been overly popular both locally and nationally.)

There is a lot of tosh and scaremongering about the BNP, the biggest one being that they are right wing. They are all for state intervention in both personal life and economics, which makes them of a socialist bent. Their outlook could be described as Neo-Fascist, remember, Hitler's Nazi party were National Socialists...

What the BNP are NOt, however, are Libertarians.

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