Thursday, January 26, 2006

Incompetence with distinction...

I have previously grumbled about the inability of a well known Examination Board to confirm I had passed a Diploma that I submitted a substantial Business Case document for in late 2004. After much chasing, they confirmed that I had passed last May but were awaiting Examiner comments to pass on with the certificate. Needless to say, nothing turned up. I chased them again in August and October, which resulted in apologies and assurances but no action.

Last week, I reminded them again, much more firmly. Lo and behold, on Tuesday morning, I finally received my Diploma. There was just one small problem- the covering letter said that I had been awarded a “Distinction” but the Certificate just said a “Pass”.

The pre-requisite for the Diploma (what they called Part one) was passing three individual Certificates, which I passed at “Merit” level. The Business Case document would have had to be somewhat remarkable for me to have achieved a Distinction, or indeed somewhat duff to have only received a Pass, as the Certificate Awards are also taken into account when awarding the final Diploma. Not having received the examiner comments about the business case document, I have no idea what was the case and to be frank, I no longer care as the qualification has now been retired. However, being stubborn as a Mule on points of principle, I have asked for clarification.

I do have a feeling of schadenfreude, as I had to send a cheque along with the original submission and they never actually got round to cashing it. Whilst my Employer would have reimbursed me for the money had the exam board actually been organised enough to pay it in the Bank, it gives me some small pleasure to know that I’m theoretically in-pocket on this one.

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