Sunday, November 06, 2005

Post nominal nonsense...

Every now and then I get a business card from someone that shows the owner is very proud of the letters after their name, showing how studious they are and how many learned societies they belong to. I've always regarded it as a bit of pomposity outside of a CV although I can see the point for someone selling themselves, as a self-employed Consultant for instance.

Reflecting upon what I could have suffixed had I continued to fork out for the various societies, mine would now look like:

Cllr. Ian Michael Grey TEng, IEng, G6BXG, MIEEIE, MDipT, DipCCM, ADipNSM, MCMA, MBCS, CITP

and I liken them to:

Arnold J Rimmer, BSC, SSC

(Bronze swimming certificate, Silver swimming certificate....!)

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